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Let’s ask them if they actually are the Men in Black, or just very dark blue.

The real world is, as they say, stranger than fiction. The FBI are working to combat this, apparently…

The FBI’s website should be harder to find than this!


The Hang of Music – What *Are* You At?

Now here we have something fun; today’s review is of a CANADIAN (for all those canadiophiles out there – you know who you are!) folk band, of whom I have never heard a thing, and of whom I barely even knew what genre they were. I’d never heard a single track of theirs, let alone a whole album; hell, I can feel pretty confident I’d never have even heard of them had not a friend and fellow blogger pointed them out. So, today I get to listen to entirely new music.

Which is awesome.

So let us lend an ear to the one; the only; the CANADIAN Great Big Sea, and their eponymous debut.

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Here is what the internet says to me.

After two days of no internet and moving house, I AM FREE. Free to waste time. Free to listen to music. And free to spam the internet.

Let’s get dangerous!

Now, the list is as follows:

  1. Pack bags CHECK
  2. Move into house CHECK
  3. Make tea CHECK
  4. Find sieve so I can strain tea NOT CHECK
  5. Angry emails NOT CHECK
  6. Unpack whilst listening to Great Big Sea NO BUT I’M GONNA!



I feel I need to apologise.

No, "apologies", not "apologetics"!

It’s been three days since I wrote a new post. I know, it’s terrible. I could waffle on about a number of excuses (friends visiting, gigs to go to, train journeys to make, certain war-themed hat simulators that shall remain nameless), but these are incidental.

I’m sorry. And by way of an apology, I offer you this.

On Saturday, I went to the gig I mentioned before. (Check the brackets!*) It was the EP launch for a band I’d not heard of, called Four spirits. I went with the intention of enjoying the company of my good friend Ale (a person, not a drink), and having a bottle of beer; I also turned up because I knew one of the bands, The Moonbears, was good. Turns out, the rest of the bands were too.

After the gig, I’d enjoyed myself so much that I couldn’t resist buying a couple of EPs (well, an EP, and *legally* downloading the other from their website.) And partly because I like the EPs, and partly because if I have a blog, I intend to use it to support the bands who make such nice EPs, this is for you; a Super Special Discount Double EP Review! Aren’t I nice?

So, I give you the Four Spirits EP, launched on Saturday, where they were supported by (amongst others) “Flygone”, at Taylor John’s House, in Coventry.

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Too many carcinogens, not enough time

I think we can all agree that science reporting is pretty spotty. I know a load of people, students of the sciences themselves, who refuse to read popular science articles in the press.

So it’s kind of refreshing, kind of unnerving to hear this on Material World (yes, I’ve been listening to the radio recently);

“[The public are not] a bunch of ignorant imbeciles who have to be told everything… They can actually figure out that, y’know, they’re gonna get contradictory findings, science moves on in an iterative way and so on; I think they’re smarter than we give them credit for.”
Curious. It gets worse.
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Glycon VS Athe, who will win? One is tall and the other is thin…

I just nerdgasmed.

I’ve heard good stuff about Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s Radio 4 science program “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, so I put last week’s on a few minutes ago. I was liking it – cosmology’s alright.

But I became transfixed from the moment that they announcedthat their first guest chose “to go completely insane and declare he was a wizard”. And wrote Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Yes, it’s him. His first lines?

Alan Moore; “I think you’re prompting me to claim that my glove puppet second century roman snake god created the universe, but I’m not going to fall for that, Brian.”

Brian Cox; “… But you do think that.

Moore; “Yes, I do think that, but I’m not going to say it on a radio show!”

It just got better from there. I highly recommend you find it here.

On a related note, Material World interested/enraged me yesterday, with an interview on the state of science reporting – post incoming.

Poe? POE! Thank Athe it’s a poe!

If this video doesn’t scare you, then I worry for your subconscious. Or hope to never meet you on the field of battle, where you will crush the life out of my weak form for the glory of the Sontaran Empire.

… Ahem.

Anyway, christian politics in America scares me at the best of times.

The Hang of Music: Maximum the Rei Rei Rei

So here we are. Again.

I started off easy, reviewing one of the most contraversial albums of all time, and giving a bad/neutral review to a lot of peoples favourite band.

For my next trick, I shall be covering a nearly impossible to categorise “nu” (it’s spelled new, you fucktards) metal band from Japan. “Impossible to categorise?” you say! Listen to this, stolen from their third full album (second with the current line-up), this album’s successor.

Onward, into my review of  Maximum the Hormone’s “Rokkinpo Goroshi”!

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I did not know that people actually hired assassins

but apparently they do. AND they cut off their ears as proof of a job well done.

So, we have logging companies who wish to silence their opponents so that they can sacrifice more of the Amazon rainforest and make more money. So they hire assassins to kill people and mutilate the bodies of their victims.

I think I feel a new James Bond novel coming on!

“Gloop!” is now my new codeword for science posts

Long comics are long. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen the argument for evolution done in webcomic form (no-one cares about SMBC any more). Is it bad though that I’m waiting for a punchline?

But then I found this, which is inexplicably hilarious.

I love it and I want to keep it as a pet. Also, read the comic all the way through. Not that you wouldn’t, of course, but it’s always cool to find big truths reduced to little words.