By way of introduction…


You are reading this. THAT’S VERY WEIRD.

Do you have any idea how big this is? At all?

It probably means that you’re one of my friends in the outside (where you can also find the crab nebula), and as such are already weird. But I love you, regardless. (Also like the crab nebula, but you’re slightly less terrifying). Similarly, if you are reading this in a far flung future, where other people who do not know me personally are reading this, then I probably like you too, on principle. YOu probably have a number of redeeming features, such as ignoring my inability to capitalise properly when using Debian. ANd a jetpack.

Now, you may wonder why I set up this blog. And I will tell you now.

No good reason. None really. Except…

OK, the truth, here in post number 2. I… am an opinionated bastard. You heard me! I like to talk about things. And often I will (or will have, if you are one of those magical future dwellers of whom I spoke*) use (or will have used) this as a place to talk about the things that I like to talk about, but very few people wish to hear me talk about. In real life, that is: there’s always someone on the internet bored enough to listen.


In case you cannot see high enough to read the tagline at the top, then I’m here to warn you. If you don’t like music, you won’t like this blog. If you don’t care about the way the universe works, then I’ll end up boring you by caring about physics, chemistry, biology etc. And by profession I am a philosopher, and an argumentative one at that. So be warned.

Oh, and I love Tropes!

Man, blocks of text are not pretty. Try this instead:

Back to the story.

Anyway, I like to talk about these things, and that’s the other reason I have this blog. I know, I know, I implied that I only wanted to talk AT you, not with you. I lied. Like minded people, or unlike minded people, are always fun to meet, and I hope to do some meeting. I want to hear from YOU! [Insert Uncle Sam poster here]

But until then, I will waffle.

Oh, wait; blogs should have themes and regular content? Besides just posting things that I’ve found and like? Fuck.

Well then. OK. Erm. [Looks shifty] I know! You see that post underneath this one?

If I can only promise you one post a week, I will give you one installment of “The Hang of Music”, which, as the name barely implies, will be a piece I write every Thorsday**. Every Thorsday (or the Wodensday before) I will listen to an album I have never heard before, and write a review of it.

That’s all.

One per week. On Thorsdays. BELIEVE IT.

To start the ball rolling, I’ve written this week’s on a Truesday. I may do another later this week. Unless no-one wants one.


*And provided I have not transformed this blog into a sentient AI. Or gone deaf and become a born-again young-earth crazy.

** Check your wiki! Check your Neil Gaiman! It’s the original spelling and I’m using it! ***

*** Oh wow, I’ve already started using footnotes. Awesome.


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