Glycon VS Athe, who will win? One is tall and the other is thin…

I just nerdgasmed.

I’ve heard good stuff about Brian Cox and Robin Ince’s Radio 4 science program “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, so I put last week’s on a few minutes ago. I was liking it – cosmology’s alright.

But I became transfixed from the moment that they announcedthat their first guest chose “to go completely insane and declare he was a wizard”. And wrote Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Yes, it’s him. His first lines?

Alan Moore; “I think you’re prompting me to claim that my glove puppet second century roman snake god created the universe, but I’m not going to fall for that, Brian.”

Brian Cox; “… But you do think that.

Moore; “Yes, I do think that, but I’m not going to say it on a radio show!”

It just got better from there. I highly recommend you find it here.

On a related note, Material World interested/enraged me yesterday, with an interview on the state of science reporting – post incoming.


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