Too late to send SMBC to space, but just in time to send Criss to Las Vegas

Well, I clearly need to speed up on the uptake. I “should” have been quick enough to tell you to help out SMBC Theater in their plan to go to SPACE. That’s right, space.

For those of you who don’t know (or are really more of a Loading Ready Run guy, yourself); SMBC Theater accomplish awesome feats, such as insulting creationists and making dick jokes. And now, with our help they want to go to space with their own mini-series.

Well, before I can show you their kickstarter page, they reign victorious, having nearly doubled their target.

So I am sad. I mean, fuck yeah! They made their target! But boo! I couldn’t even help by sending you guys a link. (I know, I know; none of us can afford to donate to shit at the moment.)

I have, however, found something equally awesome to support, however.

ZOMGI’sCriss is on her way to The Amazing Meeting.

ZOMGItsCriss (yes, spelt like that and only like that) is a video blogger in Romania who is awesome. Check out what she did for Draw Muhammed Day, which was the first of her videos I saw way back when.

Well, she’s being dragged out to an awesome, sorry, “amazing” conference, which is being held in Las Vegas. We’ve all heard how fucking hard it is to get into the US these days, and so it’s actually taking a gorram petition and donations and crap to get her across.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; why should we help out a meeting which none of us are going to in a country that’s further away from us than the moon.* Well… I’ll get back to you on that.

But last year’s was in London, and maybe, if they’re really nice, they’ll hold TAM 2012 in Sheffield!

* Not true – as any player of Portal 2 knows, the moon is approximately 1.4 lightseconds away. Vegas, you can get to on a plane.


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