Fuck you, Murdoch, just fuck you


I have no words for this. No eloquent rage, no humour, just what.


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  1. I understand I’m pretty late to the party here, but such is life…


  2. Further news, 7/7 victims’ families may have been targeted as well.

  3. “Links or it didn’t happen”, he said, providing a link –


    I suppose more important than this (shameless papers being shameless and all) is that the same people, who were already well renowned as dicks, are trying to get into bed with our government. And from the sounds of it, they’re may already be in – this is them trying to get out the handcuffs and whipped cream.

  4. They’ve also been hacking the families of dead soldiers.


    Murdoch is evil.

  5. You know, I find any newspaper which decides to hire Private Investigators as well as reporters to be *just a little* disconcerting. The ones who misuse them doubly so.

    Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that we’ve now got two levels of journalism? The Daily Telegraph is making claims about the News of the World: it’s like we have newspapers talking about newspapers, who are themselves making the news. If only we could take this a level deeper.

    Oh wait; your link is from the BBC.

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