Rule 73 Brian Cox!

Man, the fields I care most about seem to be having a feminist awakening of sorts:

In the atheist community, there’s been the whole Elevatorgate thing, even up to the point of Dawkins wading in so that he could stick his foot in his mouth.

And now (I mean “now” in the loosest possible sense – these posts were in November last year and May 2011 respectively) I’d like to direct your attention to this post on the Grauniad website by Alom Shaha, and this one more recently by Kim Shillinglaw. The topic of discussion is the absolute lack of female science presenters. We all have our Brian Coxes and our Michio Kakus and our BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUYs, but can anyone think of a good science role model for girls who isn’t Marie Curie?

I agree; there aren’t enough female role models in science, especially not on TV. I personally really like the shows Brian Cox makes, but that’s no reason we can’t have more.

I demand more shows about science with badass lady scientists talking about exploding stars with lasers and ironically using americium to solve global warming, using sundials and bicycles to demonstrate cellular mitosis! USING OUR MINDS TO CONTROL BEES AND TURNING LIGHTNING INTO SENSORS TO READ THE VERY END OF TIME ITSELF!!!



Anyway, they’re in the link, but I want them here anyway. Videos for “Dr Jenny Rohn; Shapeshifter”

and “Dr Tara Shears; CP Violator” (no jokes, please)

There are also a few more listed on Alom Shaha’s article, which I recommend you check out. I just thought there are enough videos here.

I really think that science TV would be improved by a bit more diversity. Michio Kaku, get out – we don’t mean you!

Then once we’ve got that, we can move onto the last stage of my plan – getting Susan Calman installed as a regular on Mock the Week.

FYI – I was linked to this on the page for Material World, on the BBC, which I need to listen to this week – good old podcasts, waiting for me at home. Interestingly, guess who else is linked. Social acceptance, baby!


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