Zombies and blogging. What’s not to like?

I have just finished my book*, and it was good. Very good. In retrospect, I probably should have mentioned it on here sooner, considering how it’s about Zombies. And how the main characters (Georgia and Shaun Mason, for those who wish to know) have a blog.

The even worse news; they have chainsaws. CHAINSAWS!

Anyway, to answer your questions:

01 – Yes there are sequels.

02 – Hell yes, I’m going to read them!

03 – The author, as you can see up there, is Mira Grant.

04 – “Images May Disturb You” and “Hail to the King”.

05 – Less than 2 weeks.

06 – Zombie horses.

08 – I have at least 3 for any house that I’m in, although unlike Mira Grant, I do not “sleep with a Machete under my pillow”. That’s pretty awesome.

09 – Rick and Lois. They’re adorable!

10 – I never said that there would be a question 7 – get over it.



* This was where I should have mentioned that the title of the book was FEED. In all caps. But I put the picture there afterwards, so that should do. Unless you’re blind, in which case congratulations on reading this. And this. And this. And…


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  1. You crazy shipper you 😛

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