Yay! Repercussions!

Apparently it’s not just us that’re having problems with News International. News Limited in Australia are also now asking: “Hey, have you been doing some sneaky shit? Can we have a look at your books again?”

On a very real note, it’s awesome what’s happened in the last few days. The big three have all decided that this BSkyB merger really isn’t worth the hassle, and the News of the World is gone, gone forever – unless we have to put up with a Sunday Sun. Regardless, that’s all pretty impressive. In the words of John Finnemore:*

“Let’s keep the pressure up, keep the chorus of disapproval going, because right now we have a rare and genuine opportunity to tell the people who influence our lives, elected or not, what sort of media ethics we’re prepared to tolerate, right now we can make a difference, right now – if we don’t lose our focus- the choir get to preach back.”



* On last Friday’s “The Now Show” (8/6/11). Yes, I know, I listen to Radio 4; I’m getting ready, so that middle age doesn’t come of so much of a shock.**

** I mean, I might splurt my tea all over my guardian newspaper and the jam sandwiches made from home made bread and home made jam if I’m not careful.


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