If it ain’t broke, don’t make superficial changes to it.

Youtube, Y U change colour? And Google, for that matter.

Oh come on, you’ve all noticed it. More importantly, I don’t think any of you will have noticed anything fundamentally changed BEYOND the colour. Has anyone noticed anything?

I don’t think that anything has changed. The reason why the colour has changed, as far as I can tell is because the people at youtube are trying to reinvent the wheel so that it looks like they are doing something.

Windows and Apple do the same thing. they’ve been trying to peddle the same, albeit winning, formula for years, but in different guises. The only difference I can see is that Windows 7 is XP with more flaws and compatibility issues, whereas the new Google/Youtube update works exactly like it did before.*

I’m nothing if not cutting edge, though, so in keeping with what is apparently in fashion now, little black bars at the bottom of everything!

* I have very little experience of new Mac updates, but I’m sure, what with Apple’s policy of marketing the stylishness of their computers rather than their functionality, that they are just as bad


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  1. You know the deal! 10,000 people at the company can’t just sit around doing nothing! They gotta change stuff! People say the same thing every time something changes. Then after two weeks they forget it changed and everything is back to normal.

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