Look at them grow…

I’m kind of stunned. In the last few weeks, there’s been some surprising backbone in the world of politics. The Irish government has given two fingers to the Catholic Church over the findings of the Cloyne Report, and Australian PM Julia Gillard actually used the phrase “don’t write crap” when talking about journalistic ethics.

It seems that all of our colonies/illegally held dictatorships have grown up and now have pretty epic governments of their own. Why can’t we have more of that principled politics, rather than the spineless crap we get over here? It’s like we showed them a clunky old desktop computer a few years ago, and now they’re showing their doddering old parents how to use their mobile phones.

… Except for America, who emancipated himself and enlisted in the army at 16; now he barely writes home, and has had an endless string of skanky girlfriends, none of whom we can approve of.


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