An interesting definition of “fear”…

You may know that I don’t like Rupert Murdoch. You may know that I love funny things. You may then know that I love funny things happening to Rupert Murdoch. Such as him getting custard pied when he was being brought before an inquiry for phone hacking.

What you may not know is that some people are idiots.

“Your counsel has sought to persuade us that this was something of a slapstick event, a custard pie throwing.

He said custard pies, or shaving foam, have been used in all sorts of comedy situations, which is correct.

That might be funny or have an element of comedy about it in a different situation, but not in this situation.

It was intended, it seems to us, to cause fear and it must have caused fear.”

I’m amazed that they didn’t replace the word fear with terror, so that they could actually seem like they were making a move on their war on abstract concepts. It seems that that’s the only reason anyone gets arrested these days. Why couldn’t we just arrest him for something real, like breach of the peace, or loitering with malicious intent.


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