A load of cool air

I always love it when, amidst reports of riots and financial crisis* I can find something marvellous and non-heart-sinking-y. And as always, science has the answer!

They have redesigned the wind turbine!

Seriously, they have. Look, see!

That's what they look like, now.

And I geniunely think it’s awesome. Considering the great need we have for power, and the inefficient and poisonous methods that we currently use to get it, we really need to be trying harder to do something positive. And I think making turbines smaller, more efficient and “probably less expensive” definitely counts.

The thing is, though, now we’re going to have about 15 years or so where people complain and try to put a stop to positive steps like this. For Christ’s sake, the main complaint levelled at current models of wind turbine is that they are ugly and loud. Compared to nuclear power stations and coal fire power plants, they are an oil painting in a soundproofed room!

I really hope that we can avoid having this technology get stepped on and squashed until we’re well and truly fucked.

P.S. For those of you who think I read the BBC too much… I have no retort for that. I’m a white, middle-class intellectual, who supports skepticism**  and votes green party if at all possible. What should I do; have a personality transplant?

* The two are probably linked. Wait, make that definitely.

** Sceptical has a “k” now. Ks are cool.


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  1. Thanks, Cake, it’s nice to know I’ve got your support.

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