Humble Bundle of Joy

The last few days have been fun. Do you know what I’ve been doing? The largest chunk of my days has been spent playing all of the goddamn games in the Humble Indie Bundle #2. Because they’re all lovely.

What is a “Humble Bundle”, you say? Well – it is a collection of cheap, well rated games, being sold for even cheaper in a collection where you get to choose how much you pay. Sound good? Excellent. You also get to choose who gets your money, from the developers themselves to Child’s Play Charity. How epic? Too epic.

Here’s what I got my grubby mitts on:

Braid is possibly the prettiest game I’ve ever seen. Ever. And it’s take on time-manipulation is… different. Very much so. It’s also very well put together, and full of books. All good things!

Yes, that is what it looks like in-game.

Osmos is a cell simulator, where you play as a mote of fluid that must use Newtonian physics to become the biggest blob of… whatever it is that they are. They’re meant to be alive, but who knows. Anyway, it’s hypnotic.

Machinarium; a robotic, dreamlike bittersweet point and click puzzle game, that looks like what Terry Gilliam might make if he thought Brazil might be better if everything was less clean. The puzzles themselves were what puzzles in games should be – very little moon logic, most of the time, all you need is a functioning brain and a bit of lateral thinking.

And finally; Revenge of the Titans, a cute sci-fi tower defense game, that is very fun, addictive, is one of the main reasons I wanted the bundle and staunchly refuses to work on my computer. Darn.

Luckily, that was the only one I’ve played before, and yes, it is good. And nor have I given up hope.

Sadly, I acted just in time to miss Humble Indie Bundle #3, which would also have rocked, what with VVVVVV and And Yet It Moves, but hey ho. Humble Indie Bundle #4 should be here soon, anyway…

Oh, and many thanks to The Cake, wherever he is.


Problem solved, Revenge is now working, and my word, how cute and compulsive it is!


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  1. The Cake appreciates your custom and would be happy to do it again.

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