“This is Britain punching itself in the face. Repeatedly.”

Oh, I love you, Scroobius Pip. I simply love you.

The NME has put up a page of people’s (specifically musicians and artists) responses to the riots in London, and that was the Pip’s quote of the day. That just made my life.

I also quite enjoyed Alex Kapranos’ view that the current government will only start giving a shit about what’s happening “[when it’s] Fortnum & Mason being looted.” Less pithy; sadly, even more true.

I have to say, though; this really is cheap news. Considering that the fire has destroyed the stock and probably by extension livelihoods of many independent record labels, surely there’s bigger fish to fry than just reframing and reprinting information that’s been readily availible for hours to the people who actually care about twitter.

“Thou Shall Not Read NME”, as the bard at the top put it.


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  1. That Scroobius Pip comment is the best ever. Witty and to the point. That pia situation is a tragedy beyond belief….

  2. I could not agree more. The whole thing seems like a pointless mess, and now a load of struggling labels, and by extension the bands on said labels, are gonna suffer for it.

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