You KNOW they’re all thick.

Fox News are a bunch of idiotic, whiny losers. But furthermore, they’re just damned funny. This is them interviewing David Silverman, president of American Atheists,  in response to Hurricane Irene, and their inability to imagine that it wasn’t sent their way by a loving, abrahamic god.*

The thing that gets me about this is not that he gives them a pasting. This much is should be obvious; they’re overpaid pandering cronies to the owner of a news company that makes its money keeping everyone just a little bit ill-informed.** Of course a well-informed critical thinker is going to be able argue them under the table.

Nor is it that they are the ones to move away from talking about the disaster, and start talking about why his ideology is wrong. Their second question, after “What do you do [in times of crisis]?”, is “Have you no life outside your own physical self?”. No. No-one does. Despite quick and simple answers, that question has nothing to do with preparations for Hurricane Irene. They even have the balls to claim that he is mocking them with the exact belief that they got him in the room to discuss; he is the president of American Atheists, yet they claim that he is mocking them by saying there is no God

No, what’s weirdest about this is that they’ve had him on before. Many many times. If you google “David Silverman Fox News” you can find plenty of examples of him on their shows, but this is my favourite: the “You KNOW It’s A Myth” billboards.

He’s been on their show a dozen times, and he’s still an atheist. This is such an odd pattern. Do they not learn from experience? Or do they think to themselves “Oh, this’ll be easy – we’ve got him this time!” when they bring him back in for another round. They invite him, attempt to ambush them with their logic, he kicks their ass, and then they reinvite him for more of the same.

It’s pathetic. And funny. Which makes it perfect material for the internet.

* Oh sorry, they don’t think it was sent by a loving, abrahamic god. Nor do they think he could stop the hurricane. Wait, have they redefined omnipotence again?

** Not ill-informed enough that they’d notice at a glance, for example.


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