A cheap, shoddy, broken soapbox

Ah, David Mitchell; it’s taken me long enough to get around to watching your soapbox regularly.

I would like to add my own comment to this week’s, though.

Although I’m glad he moved on to energy sustainability, the short shelf life of our possessions is something that bothers me. His estimate of 10 years, for example, would be generous for my ipod or my laptop, and this (broken) chair that I’m sitting on almost certainly hasn’t been around for 10 years. We seem to be able to put up with our stuff being temporary. Whereas really, considering the state of the economy, we, as consumers, need to be getting fewer things or things that last for longer.

This also has an environmental element to it. Our transitory possessions will inevitably end up being thrown out, and while some of them may be recycled, most of them won’t, and whilst they’re mouldering on a landfill site while we work out what to do with our rubbish, we’re buying our replacements. And even that which does get recycled doesn’t do the saintly good that recycling’s great publicity says.

Better, but still not perfect.


And again, as David Mitchell points out, the solution is intelligent taxation. And politicians with ideas and spine.


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