Wait, there’s such a thing as “The Jesus Fan Club”?

In the second of my “really brief posts about interesting things on the internet” in as many minutes, I give you Jen McCreight, aka Blaghag, and her run in with The Jesus Fan Club.

No joke.

In her wonderful account, the representative from The Jesus Fan Club fires off as many cliches as she can. I’d recommend you read the whole thing. My favourite part, though, has to be this (link in the original text):

Christian: And when you look at earthquakes, they’re correlated with areas that are full of sin. Like Haiti, it had a very high rate of HIV.
Me: Earthquakes are also correlated with fault lines.
Christian: Well, God doesn’t break his own laws. So he has to use what he already has in place. Like if he wanted to punish Seattle, we’re more predisposed to earthquakes over other natural disasters, so he’d probably use an earthquake.
Me: That’s very convenient that God uses the type of disaster that’s already inclined to happen there due to random chance.
Christian: God has to work within the own laws he created for the universe, because God created everything. He can’t just like, stop the sun in the sky or something.
Me: …Except that God did stop the sun in the sky so one of his prophet could perform genocide on a whole race of people.

Wow, she really did walk into that one. Why did she even say that? Had she forgotten her own mythos for a second?

Oh, and it was for genocide. Nuff said.

Anyway, apparently that bit about the sun was one of the metaphorical bits. The threats about earthquakes weren’t. Who knew?

Oh wow, I even have an article about cherry picking loaded up on one of my tabs, all ready for me to read! Coincidence? I think not…


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