Blasphemy Day has been and gone

Goddamnit, I’m sixteen minutes late. Ah well, due to WordPress’ weird timing scheme, this should still come up as being on September 30th.

So, in the spirit of the thing –

  • Mohammed was a normal, human being who lived a while ago, was no smarter or more profound than anyone else, and would certainly by today’s standards be considered a paedophile. Get over him!

  • Jesus was just some bloke, and he certainly did not come back from the dead. And if he did, then how the hell did he die for our sins?

  • And God, capitalised because it’s a first name, not a title, does not exist. No he doesn’t, with a lower case “h”. Stop abusing grammar for the sake of your pointless beliefs!

Man, that came out pretty tepid. I hope someone was offended, at least.

I challenge you to pretend that tomorrow is Blasphemy Day as well, and to curse, effing and blinding, all the myriad gods that don’t exist. That being all of them, may any or all them smite me down for saying it!


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