Sometimes, the bad guys DO win…

I have to admit, when I started reading this, I was expecting a story which I hear about all too often.

  • There are crazy religious people.
  • They start hounding someone.
  • They start making death threats.
  • The police are relatively incapable of helping.
  • And everyone’s getting shit scared.

It’s a story that I hate, but it’s a story that I’m used to. There’re always tales of psychotics who should not be allowed guns, doing things that people should be prevented from doing. It’s horrible, but I know it happens.

But even with my own capacity to read these things and not throw up, this is just… something else.

Dave Navarro and Anthony Navarro, Jr. are brothers, although you wouldn’t know it from the death threats, public humiliation and attempts to get Dave sectioned that Anthony Jr. has perpetrated.

Their father, Anthony Sr. was a psycho who had their mother killed by a hitman when she ran away from home and from him. Before that, he brainwashed Dave and Anthony Jr. into thinking that she had never loved them when they were about 9 years old.

Anthony Sr is locked up, but Anthony Jr is still unsound of mind enough to be convinced that his father was justified in having their mother killed, and seems intent on doing the same to his own brother.

And he is using the dark underbelly of the internet to do this, as well as to level his attacks upon the woman who writes the blog I link to, one of the few people who supports him.

Dave Navarro’s crime? His mother’s crime? The crime of wanting a divorce.

Read at your own peril, and have a bucket ready.




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  1. Much of the information in the article you cited is inaccurate.

    Yes, Anthony Senior did VERY BAD THINGS. He got in trouble.

    No, Anthony Junior does NOT APPROVE of his father’s actions.

    Yes, Anthony Junior is religious–but that’s largely due to the influence of his BROTHER David.

    The message from Anthony Jr. that Naomi quoted has been taken out of context and made to appear much more menacing that it was in reality.

    For reasons not entirely clear to anyone but himself, David quit his job at Lockheed Martin, walked out on his wife and kids, and has now gone to work for the person that runs the website where you got your article from.

    Isn’t that interesting?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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