I have some great news for you!

The Humble Bundle people have released their new bundle: the Frozen Synapse Bundle!

OK, I have no idea what Frozen Synapse is like. You caught me. BUT if it’s anywhere near the quality of the games I got last time, I’m in!

Also, Jack Claw and Trauma look like fun (yes, I’m going to pay over the average; I’m kind like that). And I’m not sure if the fact that Trauma seems to star a crying girl attached to a drip is something that should put me off or make me more interested. Clearly I’m a warped human being.

Anyway, I will be getting my copy.* And in the meantime, I will do them a favour and link you to their advert on youtube. No, please, I don’t want your praise – I’m just a nice person.

Go. Buy games. Play games. While giving to charity. And feel smug about it. I command you.


I’ve just played a demo of Trauma on their site. It is an odd game.

* In about a week, just on the offchance that there are more deals. Ain’t I a stinker?


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  1. The deals update on your purchase automagically.

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