Are we God’s chosen sentient lifeform?

Or is it the daleks? They would make much more sense for Old Testament God.

In other news, Professor Christian Weidemann of Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany* has asked the question: “Did Jesus die for klingons too?”

This would be a pertinent question, if he died for humans. As it is, Weidemann uses this to postulate the existence of hundreds of other Jesuses. Take that, holy trinity!

Personally, I think it’s obvious – Jesus is a teaser, who comes down from The Heavens (the name of his spaceship) spouts a load of weird commandments to the bemused locals, then disappears back up into the sky to go and irritate a bunch of other stone age klingons, martians and little green men.

We did better than the others at dealing with the irritating immortal – we nailed the bugger up to a tree!

Anyway, I find it odd that he even said this, but then again, I suppose it was at a conference on space flight. Which just raises further questions – why was he speaking at a space flight conference at all. I am a philosopher (so to speak), and I still don’t think that we should be sinking our claws into such conferences.

Not that I don’t wouldn’t go if I could: who doesn’t want to explore the stars**.


(All hail Pharyngula!)

* I hope I got that right; that Bochum is a part of the university name, and not some other linguistic feature. I never studied german.

** Besides the krikkitmen, obviously.


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