I know I’m a full three days late with this, but going through Polly Toynbee’s feed made me realise something hideous: that this week is the tory conference.

And there’s only so much right-wing, sometimes insubstantial, sometimes misguided, mostly malevolant posturing crap that I can bear to read about.

Luckily I don’t actually have to be there*, otherwise I don’t know how I’d cope. Probably with a bottle of whiskey on drip, and my lips nailed shut to hold back the obscenities. And my ipod on loud, all the time. Playing MEGADETH.

Anyway, whilst reading, I found this, which pretty much sums up my opinions about the current government:

Voters have much to be cynical about when they look back at Conservative promises in the run-up to the election. Osborne called PFI “failed and discredited”, but now he’s signed deals worth another £17bn. David Cameron said there would be no VAT rise, and on child benefit he said: “I wouldn’t means-test it.” On scrapping EMA, Michael Gove said “we won’t”. Liam Fox promised “a bigger army”, but now 22,000 are cut. Of the promised 3,000 more midwives, there’s no sign. People remember Cameron saying, days before the election: “Any cabinet minister who comes to me and says ‘Here are my plans’ and they involve frontline reductions, they’ll be sent straight back to their department to go away and think again.” None have been sent back so far – while a third of police stations close, 8,000 nurses are losing their jobs, and so on.

And in case I needed another reason not to turn up, just after that, she mentions how she was called a “tory cunt” for wearing a press pass at the event. I have to say I find that amusing, that whoever they were failed to understand what was going on so magnificently, and yet managed to capture something of the party.

Now, when I have my breath back, I may even start reading Andrew Rawnsley’s responses. God help me!

* Not that I’ve been invited or anything.


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