You learn something new everyday…

Well, when I heard Charlie Brooker accusing our dear Prime Minister of being a lizard, I was naturally skeptical. However, he has thoroughly responded to my criticisms, and those of others, in the most acceptable way.


So, David Cameron is officially a lizard. Wow… I never would have guessed. It sounds too strange to be true.

So it must be!

I wonder what he looks like underneath his skin? I don’t know; I mean, I’ve never met the man. (You can tell because he still has his face and left arm.) But I think that this seems like a suitable approximation.

Somewhere in that speech bubble is a subtext about gutting the NHS.


All of this makes perfect sense! Now I know what was going on all this time. And if anyone makes any alternative claims, I have now been informed how to ask “How do we know?” and fact check sufficiently. Thanks, potholer54!

(And also Lousy Canuck.)


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