Gaming as an Art

Over the past few days I have been pretty obsessively covering the back catalogue of Extra Credits. For those of you who do not know what they do, well… It’s hard to explain. As they detail in this video, they are NOT a video game review program. Nor do they do gaming news. I’m actually struggling to decide what it is they do.

The one thing I do know is that they DO games. Seriously. The amount that the Extra Credits Crew knows about gaming, within the industry and without, is astronomical.

The reason why I mention this is because I’ve just found the episode where they discuss reviewing, and it’s surprising how much of what they say travels over from gaming reviews into, say, music review.* And they articulated the reason why I don’t use a 1-10 system in reviews: because in those systems, anything less than 6 is a bad review.

Anyway, watch it here:

Frankly, I just wanted to post one of their videos, and this seems like one I can easily justify. However, I recommend you check out some of their other videos, including how (not) to make decent female characters, what games can teach us about ourselves, and why EA’s marketing strategy sucks. They really know what they’re talking about, and are insightful and level in their dissection of problems and long term goals for gaming.

I especially recommend this to you if you think games are childish, immature and violent. I dare you to watch this.

* Although they did once point out that “trying to examine the entire spectrum of gaming history [would get] overwhelming really quickly.” I have no such limits. Shit.


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