Passing the time… with ROCK!

I’m in the process of finding out, the hard way, that putting on a radio program to go on in the background whilst you are writing essays is not a good way to be productive. At all. Especially when it’s playing Iron Maiden (“2 Minutes to Midnight”, interestingly), Rammstein and The Beatles.

And all combined with musical anagrams! I swear they’re compulsive. At least it’s not sudokus – my only weakness. Or Rubik’s cubes – my other, only weakness… Amongst my weaknesses…

The radio program is Whole Lotta Rock, a show maintained by my friend and colleague in awesome musical taste, Jess Petty, a regular commenter on here. It runs on Forge Radio on Fridays at 7, as she points out, but is now online! So go listen to her cloudcasts.


…  I’m avoiding work by going onto the internet and writing blog posts about the things I can’t work while listening to… My life just hit a new low.




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  1. Hahahaha thanks Oz! Glad you enjoyed the show! I’m just catching up on your blog posts and am flattered you mentioned my show- as a whole separate post!!! Thank you very much! 🙂

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