Another reason not to live in the Red States.

Or, god forbid the worst should happen and the Republicans get back in, any other part of America. Especially if you have ovaries.

I know it’s news to all of you that politicians can talk out of their asses, but Mitt Romney, one of the frontrunners for the leader of the Republican party leadership*, apparently doesn’t have even basic sex education. And you wonder why they keep trying to take it out of the curriculum over there…

He seems to think that life “begins at conception” is a reasonable stance for a political leader to take. I mean, people can still HAVE sex, so long as they use protection, i.e. a condom – who uses anything other than a condom? – and is lucky enough for it not to break.

The thing is though, this has the worrying effect of banning most other forms of contraception, namely the pill. Rachel Maddow puts it best:**

Now that you’ve got your head around the problem, and why he’s being an idiot, try to understand what this woman is saying without laughing/crying/both, plus throwing up a little in your mouth.

(Wait for it – the idiocy/speaking part starts at 0:44)

I knew you couldn’t do it.

Yeah. Just yeah.

My main problems?

“Science confirms that a person is a human being at the moment of fertilisation.”

  1. No. Science says no such thing. At best, we’re still a little hazy on what constitutes life, and at what point a foetus is alive. At worst, science will declare that that bunch of cells over there shares none of the common features with people.  Hell I’ve heard philosophical arguments for life that rule out children up to 9 years old as people. I mean, they weren’t good arguments, but they made their point.
  2. That’s a conflationof terms. “An orange is an orange the moment it grows in a tree.” Person and human mean the same thing, more so than baby and adult, which is what you’re really saying.
  3. But worst of all, by granting instant and equal rights to that foetus… Just think about it. Adults have lots of rights. Babies very few. By calling babies, foetuses, children, whatever “persons”, you are diminishing the meaning of the words “human”, “person” and “rights”. These have set meanings, and if you start claiming that anyone and everyone, regardless of age has equal rights, then you’re going to cause a lot of fucking trouble for everyone. Apparently kids can vote and need to be held responsible for their actions as adults now, because they are persons, and persons have agency.

Well, maybe that last one is a bit farfetched, but believe me, there’s more than enough mess there. What with the whole “wrestling the rights of half the population to opt out of carrying our spawn to the ground and stomping on them.”

Wait, I said “our” I don’t have to put up with this. I can just (continue to) live in another, more sensible country! Where the politicians are too feeble and too spineless rather than too powerful and too mad.

* What is the title for the leader of the party in America. No, I can’t be bothered to google it.

** When I watched this, I had to run through a load of her other videos. Yeah, she’s awesome. Yeah, I’ll add her to the neverending list of news sources/interesting people on the internet. Sigh.


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