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Day of Action?

Yes, today has been called as a DAY! OF! ACTION!*

If you can’t tell, I’m not out there, on the streets, picketing. But I like to think that, were my pensions being threatened, and my job as royally screwed over as public sector jobs, such as teaching, are being fucked by our useless government, a sign and a flask would be today’s major fashion accessories.

But as I said, I am not. And if you’re reading this soon after I posted it, neither are you**. But the least we can both do, warm in our various computer spaces, is remember that striking is important. And awesome.

So here is my effort, a set of songs that remind me of the political struggle to remind people that people should be afraid of their governments:

9 Songs to Take Action To!

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The Hang of Music: The Moebius Suibeo Meht

Two reviews in four days? Surely not! And yet I’m sticking to this week’s deadline, like glue on a hard, slightly roughened surface, thus increasing it’s stickability, then with a set of magnets placed on either side of me and the deadline. I like magnets.

Today… Who should I review? Hmmm…

I’ve got it! Odd, nineties dance music! No, not french house! British stuff! No, not the “Funk Soul Brother”, either! Prepare yourselves for Orbital, with their debut – known informally as “The Green Album”.

(No, not that American surf rock band either!)

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Google must have some very geeky coders

It seems like the most pointless place to link to, linking to Google itself: it’s become the central pillar of the internet, and if you’re looking at this, you probably used it to find me.

However, I am going to do so to draw your attention to Stanislaw Lem.

Yes, google has another little animation, this time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first publication of one of his (Lem’s) books – which The Independent reliably informs me  was called “Astronauci (‘The Astronauts’)”.

The reason why I see fit to mention this is because it’s not just an animation; it’s a game. And not just that either, but the puzzles include super-imposing sine waves and other physics-y things. It tickled me immensely, as did the punchline.

In fact, if you read the alt-text on the link above, then you’ll know that I read one of his stories before, and I suspect that whoever at google made this game also read the same short story I did. Either that or he had rather a lot to say about wishing for a sci-fi author.

Skepticon just became 20% Cooler

Man, I seem to have trouble with posts that don’t include ponies. Ah well, these ponies are SKEPTICAL!

Skepticon is one of those events that I want to go to before I die, along with TAM!, E3, the Nobel Prize ceremony* and a Strokes concert. I can’t say it’s been a lifelong desire – I only just decided to add it up there because I saw the line-up I just missed this past weekend. Aww sheet!

And now the speakers have been ponified! Twice! AWESOME!

There’re some awesome people up there (Rebecca Watson and Debbie Goddard for starters), but as Johnny Kaje has managed to put up all three of my most read, most favouritest bloggers, I thought I’d put them up here in particular. Read the rest of this entry

Let’s have a warm fuzzy post now!

To get my last post out of my system, I wanted to post some nice things. It’s my blog, and I’ll smile if I want to!

So, without further ado, here is:

A Great Cause:

Man, those people at  Child’s Play/Loading Ready Run/The Escapist/whoever else as well just don’t STOP, do they? More lovely charity stuff? This time an auction for geeky things, and forcing professional games reviewers to play the worst game in existence?* Even better! Read the rest of this entry

And I thought the Burka was bad.

Now I’m back and writing some more, at least for the time being, I get this to think about:

Burkas are not enough.

At least, not if you’re a Saudi. Think about it: you’ve got all of these sexy women, walking around, head to toe in black, obviously the sexiest colour, and all you can see is those alluring, sensual eyes.

Doesn’t it drive you mad with passion? Doesn’t it just make you fear for the dignity of those poor women, who have eyes, that they have to use to see, that are arousing such sexual thoughts in your head. It’s shocking, isn’t it?

Just look at them.

Well, we can’t have that. Cover up their eyes! Roll them up in blankets. It doesn’t matter that they walk into walls, and cannot have a life of their own without a male chaperone. At least they’re not giving us men an opportunity to think our lusty thoughts. We can’t help ourselves, but we can help them!

There is not enough sense in this for me to do anything other than parody this stupid line of reasoning mercilessly.

But wait, it’s OK because Haredi Jews are catching up!

Not satisfied with being in one of the worst warzones around, they have decided to make life even less tolerable for everyone by defacing pictures of women’s faces and calling 6 year olds dressed in what I can only assume is pretty unrevealing clothing* “pritzas” (“prostitutes”) on their way to school.

That’s right, 6 year old girls are being bullied on their way to school by grown men. WTF?

This just lends further credibility to all of my Haredi jew based slash-fic. Seriously, how else could they get their sexual tension out of their systems?


And now, a word in general about women and fictitious sky-daddies, not just those I’ve mentioned:

This is just fucking typical of religious groups everywhere. One of the major problems I have with organised religion is that, for some reason, even the ones which don’t have holy books full of misogyny** seem to gravitate towards punishing women. Over and over again. In the words of Serendipity:

“The whole book’s gender-biased. A woman’s responsible for original sin. A woman cuts Samson’s coif of power. A woman asks for the head of John the Baptist. Read that book again sometime. Women are painted as bigger antagonists than the Egyptians and Romans combined. It stinks.”


Salma Hayek and Alan Rickman cannot be wrong!


Ne’er a truer word was spoken. And because it’s all derivative, “That Book” can be the bible, the qu’ran, the torah, you name it.

This has got to fucking stop.

(I don’t know if I should be thanking Ophelia Benson for this, but she linked me to these horror stories at least.)

* Come on, they’re 6…

** These books are few and far between, and let me tell you, neither the Qu’ran nor the Bible are among them.

The Hang of Music: “New York Girls Can’t Dance The Polka”

My god, this is late. Later than even I’d expected. So very late. Late late late.

I’m sorry; it’s been a long, long week. But no matter, I will make it up to you guys, whoever you may be.

And not just by making you listen to great folk music, with the titular claim about the dancing skills of ladies from NY. This is Bellowhead’s third album, “Hedonism”.

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Science is the best apology gift…

Essays are really on at the moment. Really, really on. And as I thought, I’m not going to get time to write this week’s review in time. Hell, I haven’t even listened to it yet!

So here is my apology to you for my TARDISness:



By “this”, I mean bribe you with great science-y stuff that I’ve found online, via the new Cheezburger site “Dropping the Science”, and through my extensive studies into procrastination.* I hope you like as much as I did.

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The Hang of Music: Now, Then & Whenever

Time for something grand, I think. So this week, I am reviewing something which I’ve been sort-of putting off for a few weeks now. Not because I don’t want to listen, but because I’m not sure what I’m going to make of him.

Really; I’m not sure. This is Al Stewart’s “Past, Present & Future”, starting with “Roads to Moscow”

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Holmes is where the heart is not

And while I’m on the topic of Sherlock Holmes jokes, Anthony Horowitz’s new book is out – a new Sherlock Holmes novel called “The House of Silk”. It is the first one to ever be commissioned by the Doyle estate, which has to be a good sign.

Anyway, The Master.. I mean, Derek Jacobi is reading it on the BBC’s “Book at Bedtime” for free! It can be found in that last link, and episode 3 was just out half an hour ago.

“A Book at Bedtime” sounds so old fashioned and homely, it doesn’t sound like it could be as awesome as “getting a book that was only released last week, for free.”

There he is, the world's greatest detective.