Google must have some very geeky coders

It seems like the most pointless place to link to, linking to Google itself: it’s become the central pillar of the internet, and if you’re looking at this, you probably used it to find me.

However, I am going to do so to draw your attention to Stanislaw Lem.

Yes, google has another little animation, this time to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first publication of one of his (Lem’s) books – which The Independent reliably informs me  was called “Astronauci (‘The Astronauts’)”.

The reason why I see fit to mention this is because it’s not just an animation; it’s a game. And not just that either, but the puzzles include super-imposing sine waves and other physics-y things. It tickled me immensely, as did the punchline.

In fact, if you read the alt-text on the link above, then you’ll know that I read one of his stories before, and I suspect that whoever at google made this game also read the same short story I did. Either that or he had rather a lot to say about wishing for a sci-fi author.


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