Skepticon just became 20% Cooler

Man, I seem to have trouble with posts that don’t include ponies. Ah well, these ponies are SKEPTICAL!

Skepticon is one of those events that I want to go to before I die, along with TAM!, E3, the Nobel Prize ceremony* and a Strokes concert. I can’t say it’s been a lifelong desire – I only just decided to add it up there because I saw the line-up I just missed this past weekend. Aww sheet!

And now the speakers have been ponified! Twice! AWESOME!

There’re some awesome people up there (Rebecca Watson and Debbie Goddard for starters), but as Johnny Kaje has managed to put up all three of my most read, most favouritest bloggers, I thought I’d put them up here in particular.

The Squidlord:

The Blag Hag:

and The Greta:

On a serious note, I suspect that one of the reasons why ponydom has kicked off so well is because of how satisfying it is to make these ponifications. They are simple but elegant and say a lot about their subjects. And SO. VERY. CUTE.

Oh, and the Four Horsemen of Atheism have been done too. AS SHOT GLASSES!**

* Hopefully I’ll be winning one of my own… A BOY CAN DREAM, DAMMIT!

** Can I be any more zealous in my use of Caps? I THINK NOT!


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