Day of Action?

Yes, today has been called as a DAY! OF! ACTION!*

If you can’t tell, I’m not out there, on the streets, picketing. But I like to think that, were my pensions being threatened, and my job as royally screwed over as public sector jobs, such as teaching, are being fucked by our useless government, a sign and a flask would be today’s major fashion accessories.

But as I said, I am not. And if you’re reading this soon after I posted it, neither are you**. But the least we can both do, warm in our various computer spaces, is remember that striking is important. And awesome.

So here is my effort, a set of songs that remind me of the political struggle to remind people that people should be afraid of their governments:

9 Songs to Take Action To!

So, in no particular order;

1. Almost every single Billy Bragg song ever could go on this list, but “There is Power In a Union” is the best example.

2. “Last Day of the Miner’s Strike” is more of a history than a call to arms. But it’s always important to remember.

3. Eminem is an odd one to pick, but “Mosh”, his rally against Bush, is just such a strike song I’m amazed that it doesn’t get used more.

Oh yeah, that’s why.

4. While we’re feeling heavy, Rage Against The Machine is an obvious choice, and “Testify” is one of my favourites.

5. Back to the thoughts of a grassroots rebellion making the world slightly better, “Love, Ire & Song” is about the sort of idealism that you can only imagine when angry, drunk, surrounded by your equally pissed/pissed-off friends, or all of the above.

6. It’s an obvious choice, I know***, but “Get Up, Stand Up” also seems to be pretty fitting.

7. Sometimes, biting the hand that feeds is the only way to get fed properly.

8.  No such list is complete without Bob Dylan. It wouldn’t be possible, and I’ll bet that right now, somewherein London, someone with an acoustic guitar is playing this song as we speak. Or type. Whichever.

9. Finally, 4 t3h lulz, “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper. Amidst all of the politics and aborted progress, who doesn’t love a day off work?

* Which, ironically means a strike. Go figure.


*** To be fair, most of these are – this post is hardly a work of imaginative genius.


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