Mental Illness and Why I’m So Late to the Game

Alright, I am really late with this, and I’m sorry for that, but I feel like I’ve been off-world for a bit (even though I haven’t) and I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I should. And I’ve also been wrestling with whether or not I should post this, mainly because I’m not sure that I have anything worthwhile to add to this debate.

But I’ve since decided that no, I don’t have anything worth adding – and I’m going to talk about it anyway, even if all it is is me going “Whoo! What he said.”

Skepticism is one of those things that you can, and should, apply everywhere. To bogus claims about medical matters; to lottery tickets; to Pascals Wager; to religious belief; to cooking; to historical findings; to feminism; to which route will take you fastest to work; TO SCIENCE! And I see no reason why mental health should be excluded from this.

It’s not something I know much about, because I’m in the lucky position of not having to deal with it in anyone I know (yet, or that I know of), but even with that caveat, I want to be able to know the truth about it, or at least grasp more effectively in the dark.

So go you, JT Eberhard! You have taught me something new about the world, and given me something else to think about. I thank you, and I do give a shit.


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