Not Objectionable At All

Have any of you ever felt the urge to just yell “Objection!” at inanimate objects, but haven’t found a justifiable excuse to do so?


Have any of you ever felt the urge to just yell “Objection!” at inanimate objects, and have subsequently found a perfectly justifiable excuse for doing so?

I see you’ve played Phoenix Wright then.

Behold the Power of Attorney!

That’s been my weekend (… and part of my week) in a nutshell. I couldn’t explain to you what makes this game so awesome. It shouldn’t be so awesome: you solve crimes using evidence, THE LAW and pointing! That shouldn’t work as a game basis, and yet it does!!! In fact, laws and pointing are pretty much the antithesis of gaming.

Anyway, I can’t fully explain why it’s awesome, but I can give a partial answer: it has great music. As in great music; music that overrides how dry the situation really is, turning legal peculiarities into the equivalent of fighting giant sea-monsters with light-sabres.

I mention this because I have found the songs on youtube IN JAZZ FORM.

I know that these will please some of you, along with the art on the videos themselves. Enjoy!

Similarly, there is a film in the works, and if it ever shows in the UK, I will hike to London to see it!

Interestingly, I think this film i’s the only case of reverse whitewashing I’ve ever seen, as the games are meant to be set in the U.S. Take that, Hollywood!


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  1. Ahem! You mean *I* found those jazz versions on youtube for you…

  2. How about a punch in the face? *adds ‘punch in the face’ to the court record*

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