Now that I’ve wiped the spittle off my monitor…

I should point out that this is spittle from laughter, not any other bizarre practice, such as bogling or gargling vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

No, I just suffered a laughing fit from the recent developments in the crazier parts of Islam.

Banning women from standing next to cucumbers.

And now that you’ve stopped laughing, here is the link.

I thought that they’d reached the pinnacle by banning the line of sight itself, but apparently not; women looking at cucumbers, bananas or any other penis-resembling fruit or berry, is enough to send them into a sexual rage that could… actually he doesn’t mention what would happen, just that it would be bad.

Personally, I was under the impression that these fruits and berries were just part of Mr Deity’s subliminal ad campaign. Anyway; in other news, women are also banned from rocket science, train stations, jousting and any city with a skyscraper.

This is now only funny in the way that dead baby jokes are funny: I know I shouldn’t laugh, because someone’s life is being ruined as we speak. But really, laughter is the only response to these nutters.

Except replace the Boo here with a very real and pervasive threat to women, men, politics and sanity everywhere

The thing is, my first thought was to genuinely wonder why, in a country where the men are so sexually repressed, obsessed and fucked up because of it, that a little bit of healthy sexual appetite in women is a bad thing. Then I remembered that these fucks blame women for their being obsessed and fucked up.

Luckily, the response has been one of sensible outrage that this guy be allowed to show up the muslim faith in this way. Except there are plenty of other muslims who are just as prepared to show up the faith.

One side note, as well – those who claim that this anonymous cleric is saying this to get publicity; they are morons. Even if he weren’t anonymous, you can get more publicity drawing cartoons of Muhammad than you can from supporting crazy ideas with religion. It’s too much the norm.


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