On The First Day of Solstice…

A blogger gave to me!

To fully enjoy the Solstice season, you have to get a long run up to it. So, to get you into the Solstice spirit in the last few weeks before Ground Zero, allow me to share with you some awesome festive albums. Every night until Christmas Eve, I will be recommending a Christmassy themed album for your pleasure. Well, not all of them will be Christmassy, but all of them will be awesome; and filling your days with awesome music will be enough.


We start with a great album, by a folk band called The Albion Country Band. It’s called “Battle of the Field”.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Oz, that’s not a christmas album! None of the track titles even have the words “Christmas”, “solstice” or “winter” in them. WTF?”

Well, I admit this is a bit of a personal one, but this album always reminds me of Christmas Day, ever since my Dad got it a few years ago. We have a few christmas traditions in our house, and listening to this album whilst eating pork pie and pickles is one of them. It’s always the first album on Christmas day. So, here it is, number one on the list: enjoy it, and all of its morris dancing goodness!

The thing is, it is a christmassy album. It has morris and bells and a lovely old time-y feel. If you’re looking for Santa in Christmas songs, you’re not looking for christmas spirit; you’re looking for toy ads and coca cola.


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