Appearances can be deceiving. Climate change is pretty simple.

At first, it may look like this;

"Neighbouring countries; So near, and yet so far." Thanks, Google!

… but sadly, for all it’s goofy charm, Canada isn’t faring much better than it’s increasingly totalitarian neighbour. I can’t tell you how shocked and saddened I am to hear that Canada has pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol, and in fact is the first country to do so. You know, the Kyoto Protocol; those actually pretty fucking weedy moderate pledges to not pollute so much.

I find this rather cheap.

Peter Kent, Canada’s minister of the environment, has said the protocol “does not represent a way forward”.

I agree. Reducing our emissions by 5%, as stated by the Protocol, will not guarantee us safety from climate change. Nor save us. But pulling out is just so much worse of an idea.

Peter Kent, Canada’s minister of the environment, has said the protocol “does not achieve enough, so we move that we should instead achieve nothing.”

This is pretty much the conclusion, or at least the reality of what their pull out means. Because the reasons cited are overwhelming cost to the tax-payers. This is short-sighted at best.

Well, at least we lowered VAT.

“We believe that a new agreement that will allow us to generate jobs and economic growth represents the way forward.”

If you want to be helpful, suggest one of these while you pull out. Otherwise, it just sounds like a pie in the sky dream, along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be great if I had eye beams?” No. Just don’t even bother talking about it.

“Why hasn’t America beaten them to the punch, and been the first to drop out?” I hear you say. For one simple reason. They never signed it. So in that respect, Canada is still in front. For now.

UPDATE: For more rage on this, and from the same country to boot, I would recommend Lousy Canuck’s article on it, and crap, does he seem even more pissed off than me!


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