Girls, Games, and Uncharted getting everywhere.

A couple of notes on feminism and geek culture:

* First off, Anita Sarkeesian, aka “Feminist Frequency”, and one of my favourite vloggers on the interwebs, has finally updated. And this time she’s talking about games, specifically non-violent downloadable app games, and their impact on the female gaming market.

* Next, Dr Nerdlove’s commentary on male privilege in geek culture is interesting. Yes, I know privilege is bit of a buzzword this year, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it applied specifically to geek culture, rather than to broader groups that overlap, such as gaming or atheism.*

* I’ve also found a rather interesting article on Border House about feminism and gaming. OK, let’s face it, everything on Border House is interesting and related to feminism, in some sense or another. This one in particular, though, is about where the responsibility lies for making the vast inequality GO THE FUCK AWAY. Which sounds good to me.

“A right-minded blog post that will mostly be read by men who already deplore the way women are treated online surely can’t make major in-roads into the communities its message needs to be accepted.” This is utterly wrong. Male allies speaking up not only works, it’s effective and necessary.

Now I need to go and read the articles by Sorrell and Robertson that the author mentioned.

* Though this article changes nothing about whether we need to fix something in the industry, I do find the revelation that “49% of gamers in the UK are female”, and the mention of a number of female-led developers, very heartening.


I noticed that references to the Uncharted games have been popping up all over in these articles. This is an interesting sign, given that they were written by Amy Hennig. Naughty Dog the company she’s in charge of, have also made some of my favourite games ever. (Hell, she wrote Jak and Daxter – for that, much respect.) So it’s not just that Naughty Dog are doing some things right – they seem to be doing a lot right.

* Yes, a lot of atheists are also geeks. FOR SCIENCE! But I’m sure there are plenty of god-botherers who read sci-fi, play Halo, and complain that “the japanese really don’t get western religion!”


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