On The Third Day of Solstice…

A blogger gave to me!

To fully enjoy the Solstice season, you have to get a long run up to it. So, to get you into the Solstice spirit in the last few weeks before Ground Zero, allow me to share with you some awesome festive albums. Every night until Christmas Eve, I will be recommending a Christmassy themed album for your pleasure. Well, not all of them will be Christmassy, but all of them will be awesome; and filling your days with awesome music will be enough.


Time for a drastic change of tune. More than three months ago, now, I listened to an album compilation of tracks from London-based record company Tough Love Records. Now I’m recommending you do the same. “Listen, The Snow Is Failing” is an awesome album. Well, EP.

This one is a bit different though, as I know it’s not easy to get hold of obscure compilation albums by bands that sometimes don’t even exist any more. Luckily, it was given away for free – just follow this link down the rabbit hole to the bottom, and click “download zip file”, and listen.

About the album; it’s funny, darkly funny, and cheery in a way that only gloomy Christmas songs can be! (This is the start of a trend, by the way.) And it’s free. Get it!

Happy Birthday Jesus, thanks for nothing!


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