An oh-so-brief word about feminism and the colour pink

Now that that title has put off 90% of anyone reading this, I am angry.*

I don’t know enough about Ben Radford to critique him much. But he is unfortunate enough to be in good company. As in, unfortunate enough to be surrounded by good people, who are themselves armed with brass knuckles and lead pipes.

I don’t intend to describe all of what he said – hence why this is oh-so-brief – beyond my one line summary below. Anything else you want to know, go to Rebecca Watson and the Squidlord. Here is my one liner, though:

Ben Radford ungenerously** critiqued a 4 year old’s argument about why it’s odd that girls are channelled towards the colour pink.

Does seem a bit dicklike.But sure, why not? Go for it: she says something, you can have an opinion on it. Except he is wrong. Wrong on a lot of points, and I can’t be bothered to read it all, but I want to bring him up on a spot where he was not ideologically wrong, but factually wrong: the worst kind of wrong!

“Originally, only boys were swaddled in blue, and girls were later assigned the color pink for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.”

Let me stop you there. No. Just stop.

I’ve been beaten to the punch for this by PZ, who responds to this even in the same article, but I was blinded by pure rage when I saw this, and had to start writing here before I could bring myself to go any further. But I’m going to reprint this salient fact here, for all to see, because it’s fucking important.


Seriously, a quick wiki search for pink returns this information, and while it’s bizarre, it’s not so fucking esoteric. Yet he claims it’s been this way for millennia, I shit you not.

This is the age of the internet. There is no excuse for being so monumentally wrong.



Now you are free to go read what other, more eloquent and timely people have said about this. Thanks for your time.

* Not that I just put off 90% of people; although I am annoyed about that… What I’m trying to say is… Oh, you know what I mean. Stop reading the footnotes and finish the article”

** This is important – you should always interpret your opponent’s argument in the best possible sense, so as to stop yourself from winning an easy victory over a straw man. Also, she’s fuckin’ 4, man!


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