I feel bad for being happy that this is something that is actually happening in the UK for once, what with Skepticon, TAM and the Reason Rally. (Which, by the way, has an awesome line-up. Have you seen the line up?)


On 11th of February, I am going to be celebrating my free expression* and reading a fuckton of Jesus and Mo comics. Hell, I might even go buy the book! (**availible from all good book stores and mosques**)

This is because Maryam Namazie, via One Law for All (an Anti-Sharia Law organisation) is holding a day of protest after a couple of pretty nasty attacks these last few weeks. I’m really not sure that I should be the one to explain them, as the info is all on the site, but the one that’s taken most of the spotlight is Rhys Morgan, who had to change his facebook picture or be expelled from college.

OK, not the end of the world, facebook pictures are just pictures. But think about how ridiculous that is. Profile pictures are nothing; insignificant; pointless. Why the fuck is he getting threatened with expulsion?

This is the face for "Seriously?". It's also the face of the SSA's president. I love the internet!

More seriously, there was a case where, at a lecture about Sharia Law**, a nutter (technical term) with a phone camera walked in, videoed all of the audiences faces, and then said he would hunt them all down if they said anything bad about the fruitloop Mo.

This is in the UK. For fucks sake…

So, let’s celebrate our right to say that people who threaten other people with death on behalf of other long dead people’s impugned name are FUCKING MORONS and a danger to themselves and the world at large.

Let’s celebrate on the 11th of February.

And make this image go viral.

I only hope that there are events outside of Dick Whittingtown. Up in the chilly north would be nice.

* Not that I do a particularly good job of keeping it in check the rest of the time…

** It’s not clear that the lecture was even criticising Sharia – it could just as easily be informing people about what it is. I mean, I have a rough idea, but no knowledge of any specifics – I might be tempted to attend such a lecture just to be better informed.



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