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The Hang of Music – Audiovised #1! Hells yeah! (And also Lordi)

Hey guys, and welcome to my newest review on The Hang of Music, and the end of Set Three to boot! As a tredecimal, I wanted to try something epic, and I think I hit on it.

I’ve been wondering for a while how I might manage to do a group review. Well, here it is. I call it “The Hang of Music: Audiovised!” Here, not just I but a couple of my friends and collaborators talk about Lordi’s third album, The Arockalypse, and the one that shot them to fame.

Just click on the image below to listen!

Next time, this’ll actually be embedded!

Cast includes:
  • Myself, your magnanimous and eloquent host.
  • Jess Petty, DJ of the awesome and oft exhorted “Whole Lotta Rock”, hosted by Forge Radio.
  • Patrick Rose, erstwhile editor of the blossoming “How To Play” Blog, as well as a talented folk musician and a bad pun aficionado.
  • And Jai, my good friend, and a man blessed with a detachable conscience (here played by Ammar)

I foresee more of these in the future, so watch this space and tell me what you think!


I knew there was a reason why Jai was awesome – he mentioned the video on IRC, and one of his friends produced this:

Apparently, Lordi Square in Rovaniemi (obviously in Finland) has a webcam attached. Go watch.


Love Love Love Love Love etc

When I first heard about this, I didn’t know what to think. I’m going to be honest; I still don’t know what to think. A huge part of me thinks that this message is just too simple – that even if the Iranian and Israeli people love each other, that has very little bearing on whether or not any such war would occur.

But I do know that – and I’m sorry for the saccarine nature of what I’m going to say now – this world needs more love in it. Declarations of international love for people are a good thing. Love that is in spite of not knowing people, or sometimes even because of it – it’s hard for a person to have pissed you off if you’ve never met them, right? This is all a good thing.

And maybe love will make Iranian Israeli wars less likely. I hope so. I want to think that the opinions of the people swayed the decisions of the government like that. Personally, that’s not the war I’m worried about. I’m more worried about the US waging war on Iran, and the UK getting dragged in with them. For the record, I would hate that, and if that means that I too love Iran, then so be it.

So more love, I guess. It’s a simplistic view, and sometimes simple is best.

I guess I should call on you to spread the word. But I’m going to ask you to use your judgement. I don’t know about love, and I sadly don’t feel I can promise that the UK will never bomb Iran, but hate is toxic. And if you agree, well, you know what to do.


For further facts, go to Ronny’s site.

For non-facts, check out Know Your Meme.


UPDATE: This reflects my feelings better:


I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of days, and in lieu of a weekly review I’ve finally gotten around to it.

First off, Friendship is Witchcraft have updated! As you may know, I am a huge fan of Jenny and Griffin, aka Sherclop Pones, and the sixth episode of their My Little Pony abridgement is here.

I can’t tell you how much I want a standalone and extended version of the song where Twilight Sparkle and Molestia talk.


Next, a thoroughly creepy and very clever video I found a few days ago. One of the best examples of creepypasta I’ve ever seen.

Not sure if troll. Don’t care.


And finally, just something that popped up in my feed on facebook. I had to repost.

So, good news and bad news.

Well, bad news first. Always makes the good news seem better.

This week there will be no “The Hang of Music” review. It has been postponed ’til next week.

The reason for this is because I’ve got something planned that’s so awesome it’s pretty unweildly and hard to arrange. So I’m giving myself a week in which to do it.


I am kinda looking forward to this actually. Assuming all goes to plan, it should be pretty epic. So watch this space!


The Hang of Music: Trent Reznor’s “God Given Lack-of-Belief”

I couldn’t resist the reference when I saw that there was song titled “God Given” on this, Nine Inch Nails’ album “Year Zero”.

Note – Today I am changing my process! Today is the day that I try something new! Today is the first day of the rest of my life! Today, instead of playing Spider Solitaire when I listen to these albums, like usual, I am playing Minesweeper. Truly, I know how to live.

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The Hang of Music: Hatful of Napalm Plays Don Byron…

… Who, in turn, plays the music of Mickey Katz.

Yes, today is an expedient and brief intro. If you hadn’t guessed, this is “Don Byron Plays The Music of Mickey Katz”.

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Happy Women’s Day!

I’m a feminist – I know because Caitlin Moran made me say I was. But as loudly as I had to yell that, standing on top of my chair, I don’t feel like being the one to tell you about the awesomeness of Women’s Day. So I’m going to link you to Emmy the Great’s newest blog post on the matter.

An excerpt:

“Women’s Day is one of my favourite holidays, along with All Saints Day, where I dress as Melanie Blatt, and Valentine’s Day, where I weep softly into a pillow.

To celebrate, I’m spending this evening with my lady friends, making friendship bracelets and drinking wine. I’m lucky that I’ve always lived in a world where I can express my love of women creatively, while enjoying myself (that’s what she said). I’m also lucky that all the men in my life believe in equality. Sometimes I think the men in my life are more feminist than I am. That’s brilliant.”

Thanks Emmy!

And double thanks! She even has a feminism themed playlist on spotify for you to enjoy. Good news, it’s full of PJ Harvey and X-Ray Spex. Bad news, there’s no Emmy the Great on it. And that’s combined with the fact that I had to download spotify and make a new, fake facebook account just to stop it from connecting to my actual account, just so I could listen to it.

I hate spotify. Mainly because I have to connect it to facebook, which itself is soon to be synonymous with the word “internet”.

But in this case, it’s a hit I’ll take – feminism themed music is great. Although I still thought not as good as Emmy’s own releases.

[FYI, “Hang of Music” review incoming. Just let me eat first!]

UPDATE: Oh, listening to the Pretenders’ “Hymn to Her” just makes me think of Alan Moore’s take on feminism through the framing device of a werewolf. That sounds terrible and forced, but it’s not: if you know anything of Alan Moore, you’ll know he can make it work. Just read Swamp Thing Volume 3: “The Curse”, and you’ll know what I mean.

Whole Lotta Rock Meets Sad Claude

I’m gonna take a moment to flog the site of a friend of mine, who I’ve previously touted as being pretty awesome. Today I’ve been listening to Whole Lotta Rock, a Forge Radio show hosted by my friend Jess Petty. It is a very awesome show just anyway, but I’d like to take a moment to make a comment about this week’s show in particular.

This week, she had a local Sheffield band called Sad Claude in the studio, for a chat and some live sets. Now I’ve heard Sad Claude’s new EP, Mercy, and I have to be honest: I listened to it once, and I wasn’t too enthused. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t massively impressed. However, I wanted to give them another shot; I’m fully aware that I could be being too harsh. (UPDATE – On relisten, I was being really harsh! It sounds much better a second time around – as all records should. Thumbs up!)

Anyway, they appeared on the show, picked a few tracks, and played a couple of live acoustic songs. Well, I was much, much more impressed with them live. You know, gig-going levels of impressed. All of their songs were good, but in particular the song “Runaway” was awesome. In fact, I am a little bit in love with that song. Gonna have to relisten soon.

They’re also apparently playing at Surface Festival in Manchester this week. Who knew?

I'm going to relisten to this too. Very soon.

So thank you, Jess, for giving me a chance to change my mind. And thank you Sad Claude. With any luck, I’ll be seeing you soon…

Boring but useful info:

The Hang of Music: Eternally Yours.

Well, it’s that time of the week again. That time where I’m late for something by at least a day. Two, on this occassion.

This week’s excuse – this album is SO BAD, I felt guilty even listening to it, thus justifying its existence. Really.

You don’t believe me? Have you even heard of Evanescence? This is their debut, “Fallen”. Enjoy!

(FYI, the guy on the video who says “Like If you’re listening to this in 2012 <3″… Seriously man, what the fuck? My excuse is I have to write this review. What about you?)

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