Happy Women’s Day!

I’m a feminist – I know because Caitlin Moran made me say I was. But as loudly as I had to yell that, standing on top of my chair, I don’t feel like being the one to tell you about the awesomeness of Women’s Day. So I’m going to link you to Emmy the Great’s newest blog post on the matter.

An excerpt:

“Women’s Day is one of my favourite holidays, along with All Saints Day, where I dress as Melanie Blatt, and Valentine’s Day, where I weep softly into a pillow.

To celebrate, I’m spending this evening with my lady friends, making friendship bracelets and drinking wine. I’m lucky that I’ve always lived in a world where I can express my love of women creatively, while enjoying myself (that’s what she said). I’m also lucky that all the men in my life believe in equality. Sometimes I think the men in my life are more feminist than I am. That’s brilliant.”

Thanks Emmy!

And double thanks! She even has a feminism themed playlist on spotify for you to enjoy. Good news, it’s full of PJ Harvey and X-Ray Spex. Bad news, there’s no Emmy the Great on it. And that’s combined with the fact that I had to download spotify and make a new, fake facebook account just to stop it from connecting to my actual account, just so I could listen to it.

I hate spotify. Mainly because I have to connect it to facebook, which itself is soon to be synonymous with the word “internet”.

But in this case, it’s a hit I’ll take – feminism themed music is great. Although I still thought not as good as Emmy’s own releases.

[FYI, “Hang of Music” review incoming. Just let me eat first!]

UPDATE: Oh, listening to the Pretenders’ “Hymn to Her” just makes me think of Alan Moore’s take on feminism through the framing device of a werewolf. That sounds terrible and forced, but it’s not: if you know anything of Alan Moore, you’ll know he can make it work. Just read Swamp Thing Volume 3: “The Curse”, and you’ll know what I mean.


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