The Hang of Music – Audiovised #1! Hells yeah! (And also Lordi)

Hey guys, and welcome to my newest review on The Hang of Music, and the end of Set Three to boot! As a tredecimal, I wanted to try something epic, and I think I hit on it.

I’ve been wondering for a while how I might manage to do a group review. Well, here it is. I call it “The Hang of Music: Audiovised!” Here, not just I but a couple of my friends and collaborators talk about Lordi’s third album, The Arockalypse, and the one that shot them to fame.

Just click on the image below to listen!

Next time, this’ll actually be embedded!

Cast includes:
  • Myself, your magnanimous and eloquent host.
  • Jess Petty, DJ of the awesome and oft exhorted “Whole Lotta Rock”, hosted by Forge Radio.
  • Patrick Rose, erstwhile editor of the blossoming “How To Play” Blog, as well as a talented folk musician and a bad pun aficionado.
  • And Jai, my good friend, and a man blessed with a detachable conscience (here played by Ammar)

I foresee more of these in the future, so watch this space and tell me what you think!


I knew there was a reason why Jai was awesome – he mentioned the video on IRC, and one of his friends produced this:

Apparently, Lordi Square in Rovaniemi (obviously in Finland) has a webcam attached. Go watch.


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