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…Some Art (A Picasso or a Garfunkel)

I’ve recently finished reading Scott Lynch’s “Red Seas Under Red Skies”, the excellent second book in the excellent “Gentleman Bastard” series by Scott Lynch. There’ll be a post about that at some point sooner or later, but in the meantime I’ll show you this:

Long story short – either Anna-Maria Jung has been commissioned by the man himself to do some character art, or Scott Lynch has got himself some great fanart and a picture for his website for free.

Now, normally I wouldn’t bother posting, but since perusing her website I”veOHMYGODISTHATAMONTYPYTHONTSHIRT?!!

Yeah, she’s been spending her time drawing fanart of stuff I like. A lot of it. With the sort of precision that makes me think that a) she’s been following me and that b) any references I don’t get are probably to things I would like but haven’t gotten around to. So go look at her stuff!

A few favourites of mine below the fold: Read the rest of this entry


All men can have a very brief update.

Now that I’ve finally gotten around to telling you all about the C4EM campaign, whadda ya know? They’ve released an awesome video promoting their cause. I feel that it is my job, then, to inform you.

Job done. You’re welcome.

The Hang of Music – Audiovised #2: Hurry hurry!

It is time for the next installment of “The Hang of Music: AUDIOVISED!” Would you believe that Mixcloud gave me more trouble over this than the last one?

Well, today we are rambling on about Rush, and trying to expunge Nikki Minaj from our thoughts.

(I have carefully hidden the link in this image. Because I’m sneaky like that.)

The Doubley-doo, or however it’s written:

Jess’s show, Whole Lotta Rock, which is restarting tomorrow, should be listened to by all. BY ALL.

And for those of you who were wondering what Alasdair was waffling about, Open Space, the Uni open mic night, is having fun times at Red House in Sheffield next Thursday. Click here for FUN TIMES DETAILS!

Meet the New Threat: Same as the Old Threat

Here I am to spread the news about another stupid bit of policy that’s coming our way. I feel like this has become a giant game of internet tennis, whereby a bunch of people try to catch us out with a new law banning the internet or making it less safe in one way or another, and we scramble to knock it back.

Well now we have CISPA. I’m not going to claim to be able to summarise it in great detail – I honestly barely understand how it would be implemented. All I know is “Homeland Security”, “my personal information” and “handed over”. So I’m instead going to recommend you arm yourselves by reading San Francisco-based blogger Violet Blue’s critique here, and what the US based EFF have to say about this bill being proposed in the US Senate.

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Quick, distract them!

While you guys are distracted with watching these videos – hoarded over the past week – I’m going to start editing tomorrow’s AUDIOVISED review. That’s right, I’m making it a monthly thing now. So look over there and go for a Youtube Walk to see:

  • What child celebrities think of Kirk Cameron

(Hint – it’s what we all think of Kirk Cameron; and not just for his homophobic beliefs, but his fundamentalist ones too.)


  • One of the saddest videos on the internet


  • The sequel to one of the saddest videos on the internet, which explains a lot about the first and makes it sadder


  • A bunch of awesome pony vids

(I actually went out and got that track and the rest of the album out of the library. Not bad.)


(Yes, more ASOIAF. Deal with it!)



  • And a song, introduced to me by Phoebe, that it took me ages to get out of my head. Thanks P!

I’m finally starting to feel the love

Isn’t this reassuring? A bunch of Anglican priests (or is it vicars?) have come out and said that gay people getting married does not threaten the church. And as much as I wish gay marriage did threaten the church,* they are right to say so. Especially as this is one step towards legalisation.

However, whilst a great thing, there is one problem with this: did you guys notice the word “Anglican” up there? One of the smaller** sects of christiantity has just caved, whereas the word “Catholic” is noticably absent. I suppose that I’m asking the earth, but I’ll only feel glad that human rights are being upheld when all the mystics, soothsayers and exorcists of the multinational corporation of Christ agree to uphold them.


On a related note, do you remember that a few weeks ago I found the Coalition for Marriage? Well, like all leptons have anti-leptons of opposite charge, so there is a contrasting, and awesome, coalition.

The best part is that it actively apes and parodies the original. All of the things I said are mentioned in a rebuttal, along with many others I didn’t. So you have no excuse not to sign the petition. Join the Coalition for Equal Marriage right here:

Interestingly, the site that I am nicking this image from is, as comment number one the page indicates, "a pretty obnoxious smear." Ah, irony.

* I wish that everything – clouds, termites, small rocks, cosmic alignments  – everything threatened the church. Not to cause the people in the church harm, but because that way we could pretty much guarantee the crumble of organised religion. Either that, or owning small rocks would become a fatwah-able offence.

** Admittedly still pretty big, compared to many other religions, but still not as big as “The Holy See“.

For the love of science!

I’ve been really going easy on the “science” part of “Science. Music. Philosophy. Hats” thing up there recently.* This has been because I’ve been neglecting the Science feed in my bookmarks. So I thought I’d try and rectify that today.

… Ye gods, guys! While I’ve been away, suddenly loads of cool stuff has happened. So here’s a brief rundown, for the hell of it:

* In all honesty though I’ve yet to say anything about hats EVER.

Now being referred to as “SC” by the cool kids…

Quick update for those of you who read this and as such know about Sad Claude. I got a comment a few days ago, found waaaaay at the bottom of that page, from someone calling themselves Claudette – I wonder if they know the band – saying that

“Sad Claude are playing Beg, Borrow, Steal on Carver Street Sheffield. Monday 23rd April”

This looks to be interesting, so if anyone is in the mood for live music in Sheffield on that night, then there is the place to be, apparently. For my part, I’m going to be doing my best to attend, despite birthday parties and battling off hell-beasts from the pit. Hell-beasts have such fun parties, too…

Here is their EP again.

The Hang of Music: Write Dem Back

I’ve finally made it to review number 42! Here I’m going to find the question to all of life’s mysteries!

And the question is… “How many albums must you review before you review some reggae?” That’s a stupid question!

The answer is obviously* 42. And to prove it, today will be the day that I talk to you about Linton Kwesi Johnson. And to do so, I’m going to talk about the tracks I’ve found on Reggae Greats.

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Friendly linking? Or NEPOTISM!!

In honour of today’s xkcd, I present to you the finest in collections of funny images about A Song of Ice and Fire*, My Little Pony, Bioware and the internet.

By that, I mean it’s my very special friend‘s** new and awesome Tumblr account about such things as I just mentioned.

“An example!”, I hear you ask!

All those poor, helpless Sean Beans...

Look, I know Tumblr is just all about stealing other people’s images and saying stuff about them. But hey, that’s most of what I do, anyway, so I can’t complain. GO LOOK AT IT!

* Over the weekend I just powered through The Game of Thrones TV series up to date. Yup. All in one weekend. ‘Cause I’m just awesome like that. </smug>

** Phoebe, for those in the know