Friendly linking? Or NEPOTISM!!

In honour of today’s xkcd, I present to you the finest in collections of funny images about A Song of Ice and Fire*, My Little Pony, Bioware and the internet.

By that, I mean it’s my very special friend‘s** new and awesome Tumblr account about such things as I just mentioned.

“An example!”, I hear you ask!

All those poor, helpless Sean Beans...

Look, I know Tumblr is just all about stealing other people’s images and saying stuff about them. But hey, that’s most of what I do, anyway, so I can’t complain. GO LOOK AT IT!

* Over the weekend I just powered through The Game of Thrones TV series up to date. Yup. All in one weekend. ‘Cause I’m just awesome like that. </smug>

** Phoebe, for those in the know


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    Plz be blogging with the thoughts. Because feminist criticism + A Song of Ice and Fire = my fave thing ever right now. JUST SAYING.

    • So like, I don’t know why it decided to put my name as “Ophelia,” but this is RHIANNON. Phoebe’s friend. We’ve met once or twice. Hi. 😛

      idk wordpress, you worry me.

    • (I know, darling; I recognised your email. Even without that, I’d guessed it had to be. Also, you have an unused blog?)

      I am flattered that you would ask for my opinion as a *cough cough* feminist. But I haven’t really found much to discuss on that note – and I only just watched the first series, and haven’t read any of the books. So really, I KNOW NOTHING!

      A few thoughts, though:
      * I love Brienne, and I haven’t even met her yet.
      * I like that there are plenty of women with power.
      * I don’t like that the most powerful woman obviously wants to have a penis, though. And Daenerys, Lysa and Melisandre are all varying levels of crazy and evil.

      That’ll have to be enough ’til I can think of something worth writing a post about. Happy now? 😛

      • Haha, do I want to know why you guessed it had to be me? Am I the only crazy Game of Thrones fan you know? 😛 LOL, SO, I created that wordpress blog, and then was like “actually I hate the name” and never used it. Then I wrote at for a couple of weeks, but kind of lost steam, although I think maybe I’ll start again? I have lots of ASOIAF things I want to write about.

        Haha thanks for the thoughts! I kind of love Melisandre, even though she is both crazy AND evil. I think Cersei’s whole penis envy thing is less “men are better, I want to be one!” and more “I am way more competent than them, yet no one takes me seriously just because I don’t have a penis, wtf, if that one thing was different, I would be the most powerful person evah.”

      • 🙂 No comment about how I guessed it was you.

        Vis-a-vis Cersai, she is handled better than *just* being struck with penis envy, ’tis true. It’s more a symbol of the time – she wants one, because it’d make her life much easier.

        From an equality perspective, it’s still not great, but at least it’s a part of a spectrum of female characters. If she were the only female character with serious power, it’d be a lot worse.

        Also, you should totally write more stuff.

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