I’m finally starting to feel the love

Isn’t this reassuring? A bunch of Anglican priests (or is it vicars?) have come out and said that gay people getting married does not threaten the church. And as much as I wish gay marriage did threaten the church,* they are right to say so. Especially as this is one step towards legalisation.

However, whilst a great thing, there is one problem with this: did you guys notice the word “Anglican” up there? One of the smaller** sects of christiantity has just caved, whereas the word “Catholic” is noticably absent. I suppose that I’m asking the earth, but I’ll only feel glad that human rights are being upheld when all the mystics, soothsayers and exorcists of the multinational corporation of Christ agree to uphold them.


On a related note, do you remember that a few weeks ago I found the Coalition for Marriage? Well, like all leptons have anti-leptons of opposite charge, so there is a contrasting, and awesome, coalition.

The best part is that it actively apes and parodies the original. All of the things I said are mentioned in a rebuttal, along with many others I didn’t. So you have no excuse not to sign the petition. Join the Coalition for Equal Marriage right here:

Interestingly, the site that I am nicking this image from is, as comment number one the page indicates, "a pretty obnoxious smear." Ah, irony.

* I wish that everything – clouds, termites, small rocks, cosmic alignments  – everything threatened the church. Not to cause the people in the church harm, but because that way we could pretty much guarantee the crumble of organised religion. Either that, or owning small rocks would become a fatwah-able offence.

** Admittedly still pretty big, compared to many other religions, but still not as big as “The Holy See“.


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