…Some Art (A Picasso or a Garfunkel)

I’ve recently finished reading Scott Lynch’s “Red Seas Under Red Skies”, the excellent second book in the excellent “Gentleman Bastard” series by Scott Lynch. There’ll be a post about that at some point sooner or later, but in the meantime I’ll show you this:

Long story short – either Anna-Maria Jung has been commissioned by the man himself to do some character art, or Scott Lynch has got himself some great fanart and a picture for his website for free.

Now, normally I wouldn’t bother posting, but since perusing her website I”veOHMYGODISTHATAMONTYPYTHONTSHIRT?!!

Yeah, she’s been spending her time drawing fanart of stuff I like. A lot of it. With the sort of precision that makes me think that a) she’s been following me and that b) any references I don’t get are probably to things I would like but haven’t gotten around to. So go look at her stuff!

A few favourites of mine below the fold:

Locke Lamora, the titular Gentleman Bastard, goes cat shopping.


Jon, Samwell AND Ezio!


Some Oglaf fanart? Look, I totally don't read that webcomic... **shuffles feet** And nor should you, if you're at work!

And now, everything ALL AT ONCE. Forever. This crossover must happen, now.

It’s people with deviantArt accounts like these that make me want to get a deviantArt account, just so I can keep updated and tell people that they rock.


And also, for the record, Queen Mob is a brilliant name/pun!


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  1. her artwork is wonderful, isn’t it? and I LOVE Red Seas Under Red Skies! I’m in the middle of a Red Seas read along (which you are more than welcome to join), and last night I got to the first kitten scene. damn do i love those books!

    • “Wonderful” it definitely is, both the book and the associated artwork. I finished it a few days ago – you’ve got some fun ahead of you! I can’t wait for Republic of Thieves! Also, “read along”? Sounds intriguing.

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