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Fun videos (well; video) from Women In Secularism

Thanks to Jen, aka Blaghag, I have been linked to some of the videos from the Women in Secularism talks a while back. More conventions in America I want to go to: add it to the list.

I say some videos, so far only the one. But it’s a good one! Susan Jacoby is not someone I’ve heard of before now, but I kinda want to now. She seems informed, intelligent, right-on and above all fun! That seems an odd ask for speakers about skepticism and misogyny, but it happens more often than you’d think.

Watch it – the video is long, but as I said, it’s very enjoyable!

TL;DR – Women have historically been hugely involved in the skeptical movement. Y U NO remember any names?


Holy Crap

Here I was, checking the my webcomics today, minding my own business, when suddenly it leapt out at me – a religious position, held by the archbishop of Canterbury, that doesn’t suck.

I’m as shocked as you are.

But Archbishop Dr Rowan Williams, if that is the way you structure his title, has come out and stated that a part of the reason why the church is opposing same-sex marriage is because a lot of christians are wrestling with such feelings themselves, and they need to get their heads in the game and think more clearly about it.

[Checks Guardian to see if Telegraph is bending facts to make Williams seem more OK. The Guardian provides some important context.]

He also says that the church has made itself look silly (paraphrasing) by opposing women bishops and getting high profile involvement in gender politics, and admits that he’s “quite conscious too of the fact that people think that I’m weird and we’re weird.” Hell, he was speaking at an event for Christian teenagers called “Help, my friends think I’m mad”.

Yes, I do think you’re mad. I think you all are. BUT taking rational positions like “we need to get over our disgust over homosexuality” is a great way to cover for that madness.

Not sure how much my opinions have changed about the church; any church. But credit where credit’s due, I guess.

BTW, the offending webcomic is here. YAY JESUS AND MO!


The Hang of Music: The Sun Came Up With **Some** Conclusions…

Hello, and welcome to “Shamefully Late”, where Oz decides that turning things in on time is of lesser importance than a) playing Apollo Justice til 6 in the morning and b) going to Norfolk.

So here I am, days late, talking to you about Bright Eyes’ “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning”. Yup, that’s happening.

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Sad Times

No reviews here for a bit, as I am on holiday. I’ll get on with it as soon as possible, but for now just a brief post about dogs.


And Phoenix Wright: Bullshit Evolved!

Till as soon as I can get to an internet connection.

The Hang of Music – Audiovised #3: Electric, 6 – Hatful Of Napalm, 3

By the Thirteen, I hate the timestamp function on Mixcloud. I wish to see it’s finnickity, ill-designed head on a pike!

Despite that, last weeks AUDIOVISED REVIEW is up, and online. Last month it’s Electric Six, with their incredibly long titled album. Click below for monocles, synths and the funniest hats you’ll never see!

30% more geeky and impenetrable that your average podcast! 50% of your daily (weekly) weirdness intake!

Rage Against The Album Sampler

90% of what I talk about on this site is music. I’ve almost literally written myself into a corner – although it’s a corner I chose and like, and have now furnished with a lot of my own lamps and furniture.

So I feel I am qualified, therefore to comment on this new album “trailer” for Muse’s upcoming new album, “The 2nd Law”*.

Muse, on the other hand, don’t seem to agree with me on this, because they seem to be convinced that, instead of an album, they’re making a “The Ring” themed sci-fi horror movie, with political commentary. Go figure.

Seriously, though, what the hell is this? It’s an overwrought and unsatisfying piece of high budget art-theatre, which is seemingly designed to distract from the rather uninspiring sounding music. Uninspiring, static-y music that… is… written… by… Muse…. Huh? What?!

People have called the music dubstep themed. I have to conclude that the person who said that has never listened to any dubstep. Because this is faux-classical rock that’s trying too hard – a formula that usually works well for Muse.

I am rather worried by this trend of album trailers. Bloc Party did one, Muse have done one, that’s pretty much what “Runaway”** was, they’ve been popping out for a while. I used to think that the lead single was the way you advertised an album. Apparently I was wrong.

But Muse seem to have taken the trailer one step further, by releasing a trailer that has almost no reference to the music itself. Good job, guys! Way to render your own video null and void.


* Which I can only hope is an Isaac Asimov reference.

** Thank you, Todd.

Humble Bundle number whatever: just give me Amnesia!

Wait, I’ve forgotten what I was saying…

Oh yeah, the new Humble Indie Bundle. It’s EPIC!

If I need to tell you why getting “Psychonauts”, “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, “Bastion” and “Limbo” for under a tenner, along with their respective soundtracks, is a GOOD thing, you’ve clearly been living under a rock for the last few years. It feels to me like these games have been unavoidable in terms of hype, critical praise and memedom.

If you want to know what indie gaming sounded like last year, it had a DEEP GRAVELLY VOICE and played the banjo.

Oh, and then there’s “Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery EP”. Without being patronising, I like that there’s something new, potentially surprising and possibly terrible on there. The reason why I get the bundles is usually “1 game I want + a bunch of others I’ve never heard of”. This time it’s the other way around.

Watch the video.

This new humble indie bundle reads less like a genuine offer, and more like a “best of the last few years of gaming”. In many ways it seems too good to be true. So on the grounds that things that are too good to be true AREN’T, here’s hoping that at least one of them was over-hyped and sucks, and thus balance is restored.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

New albums, popping up everywhere

Wow, I wake up less than an hour and a half ago, and already I’ve found out by two new albums by two artists that I love. Must be the time of year or something…

Anyway, my main purpose on this blog usually revolving around “holy crap, awesome music!”, I thought I’d tell you guys that both Dan Le Sac and Bloc Party have new albums out this year.

As I probably mentioned in this review, at various points: I totally fanboy both Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip and Bloc Party to a ridiculously high degree. So to find out about them both in one day? It’s just bizarrely co-incidental, and I don’t want to think of the potential consequences. So I’ll just tell you about the albums instead.

* Dan has “Spaces Between The Words” coming out on July 9th. Fitting title, considering how it was his work that made the spaces between words awesome on his previous releases with Pip. But you knew that already, right?

And if you need a reason to be ecstatic, it’s right here on the site [emphasis quite clearly mine]:

“Featuring collaborations between Myself, Merz, Emmy the Great, B Dolan, Pete Hefferan, Sarah Williams White, Joshua Idehen, and Fraser Rowan.”

Just yes. Here is what I can only assume is single #1, “Play Along”.

* And Bloc Party have officially reformed! I don’t really feel the need to comment on this much, as there’s nothing I can add, really, except that album trailers are a novel concept, and that this one here sounds good. Very good.

I know where my money’s going this summer.