Rage Against The Album Sampler

90% of what I talk about on this site is music. I’ve almost literally written myself into a corner – although it’s a corner I chose and like, and have now furnished with a lot of my own lamps and furniture.

So I feel I am qualified, therefore to comment on this new album “trailer” for Muse’s upcoming new album, “The 2nd Law”*.

Muse, on the other hand, don’t seem to agree with me on this, because they seem to be convinced that, instead of an album, they’re making a “The Ring” themed sci-fi horror movie, with political commentary. Go figure.

Seriously, though, what the hell is this? It’s an overwrought and unsatisfying piece of high budget art-theatre, which is seemingly designed to distract from the rather uninspiring sounding music. Uninspiring, static-y music that… is… written… by… Muse…. Huh? What?!

People have called the music dubstep themed. I have to conclude that the person who said that has never listened to any dubstep. Because this is faux-classical rock that’s trying too hard – a formula that usually works well for Muse.

I am rather worried by this trend of album trailers. Bloc Party did one, Muse have done one, that’s pretty much what “Runaway”** was, they’ve been popping out for a while. I used to think that the lead single was the way you advertised an album. Apparently I was wrong.

But Muse seem to have taken the trailer one step further, by releasing a trailer that has almost no reference to the music itself. Good job, guys! Way to render your own video null and void.


* Which I can only hope is an Isaac Asimov reference.

** Thank you, Todd.


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