Feminist Frequency VS The World

Christ, I feel guilty for not commenting on this before. But I feel even guiltier that this has even ever fucking happened. My gender, and my culture of choice – geekery.

[Triggers for hate speech and threats of assorted kinds if you click on a couple of these links. But not right here, ‘cos I’m nice.]

I’m gonna open with this tweet from Caitlin Moran; reviewer, author, feminist icon and hilarious person. She is, in many ways, what I aspire to be.


Now on with the show! I have often talked to you about Feminist Frequency; and I have often talked to you about games. About a month ago, though, the two collided, and we’re only just now starting to get to see the full fallout.

Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian, vlogger, writer, gamer and all round pop-culture nerd and awesome person, decided to make a kickstarter for a project that she’s working on – “Tropes vs Women in Video Games”. (Yes, she’s a troper too – is there anything she can’t do?)

Well guess who didn’t like that she was going to be talking about games? The underbelly of the internet; that’s who! That’s right, the same place that brought us MRAs brought us even more hate speech. Directed at Anita. What a joy.

The reason why I bring this up is because I just recently listened to her interview on The Current, and found my gut being wrenched. She still seemed herself, but a lot of the cheer present in her videos seemed absent. Really absent. It also suckerpunched me into looking at the public archive she’s been making of all the threats and slurs thrown her way, and IT’S BEEN UPDATED SINCE LAST I LOOKED.

Warning; do not look if you have a weak stomach for the internet. I thought I was pretty tough, too, but I was proven wrong.


I am endlessly amazed at how well she’s coping, and I’m infinitely glad that she is, because Feminist Frequency is one of my favourite things on the internet EVER.

If, like me, you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of times this has happened, and sigh to yourself, saying “this is what happens to women on the internet”, I beg you to reconsider.

As if by magic, Anita herself just linked this on facebook as I was typing, which serves as proof that gaming isn’t the only source of this level of bile: comic book fans can do the same in “defense” of batman films that aren’t even out yet. Case in point.

However, it is tangentially connected; comic book nerds, gaming nerds – we’re all nerds, right? I would like to point out that there are a lot of nice, not angry nerds out there, such as myself and everyone I know, who would never condone death threats. Just so all you normos out there know. So don’t feel oppressed by us. Us. The nerds. Us frequently oppressed nerds.

Look, for a plethora of reasons we nerds need to be doing better. What we need is we need to reclaim our culture and our good name from these assholes. We need to remind ourselves that the reason why we’re a culture is because other people were the ones with the bile. And we need to ask ourselves, when we see this crap for what it is: What Would Batman Do?

And for ANYONE who is trying to silence ANYONE, be they part of my culture or otherwise, by using rape threats, hate campaigns and humiliation, I say the phrase “die in a fire” was invented for you.


I’m gonna provide a link roundup, contrary to my common practice, as this is a very link-heavy post. So go check through a load of this.

Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian’s “The Current” Interview

Anita’s Youtube Comments – Pretty Bad Abuse Warning

Anita’s Documentation of the Attacks – Trigger/Nausea Warning Here!

“When There’s So Much Bullshit Online You Forget How To Feel” – Highly Relevant!

“Jerks Defend Dark Knight”

Border House, being relevant

The Good News: It’s funded! Many times over!


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  1. Thanks for posting that tweet from CM – I’ve been just under two weeks online and have had, sadly, to already come to that conclusion.

    • I’m amazed it took two weeks!

      It’s a sad state of affairs, but sadly it’s the case that if you give people anonymity and a forum, they will often abuse it. I sometimes find myself reading youtube comments – the lowest of the low – and have to catch myself.

      • Yes it really is unhealthy – but I suppose I’m too used to the real world, where you can usually have a healthy debate with people, and I just couldn’t believe that that wasn’t possible online. Trying as hard as possible to just not read comments anymore – such a waste of time and emotional energy apart from anything else.

      • Yeah, you have to find the “safe havens”, where 90% of the commenters are NOT idiots. And preferably not jerks either. It’s like winning the lottery when you actually find them.

      • It is. I’ve found one so far. Any recommendations from a more seasoned blogger gratefully received..!

      • Dunno, I try not to check them much. Free Thought Blogs has a pretty good track record, though, and though it’s less “blog” and more review site, TGWTG.com seems to generally stay on topic…

      • Oh, and Border House is pretty good. Of course, all of these depend on what you’re interested in reading about, though.

  2. Shes a nasty piece of work and you’re just as much an imbecile as she is for supporting her, you double standard-wielding baffoon.

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