Turkish Music: Better than expected (by other, jaded people, obviously)

Hi guys – I got a sinking feeling that I’m going to be late again this week. Like my sleeping cycle, I seem to be about half a period out with the rest of the world, as all my last posts have been on a Sunday.

Well, this week I’m going to try to do better, and a part of that is with warning you and bribing you. Bribing you with Turkish music.

My excuse for being late is that I am actually on holiday at the moment – in sunny, bordering-a-wartorn-state* Turkey! And like I do with any state I visit, I’ve a) made a complete mangling of trying to learn the language, and b) been doing some reading into the local music.

And what I’ve found is that some of it is actually pretty good. Quote from wiki:

“Interestingly, the fusion of sounds work so well that Turkish pop music does not sound as Westernised as Indian or Indonesian pop even though it does include global influences such as technological developments from the west, western harmonies grafted onto folk songs, influences from Arabic music and, of course, American-influenced rap and hip-hop.”

I know that sounds pretty self serving, but it has been pretty fitting so far. Have a listen for yourselves:

Almora – Song: “No Turning Back” (Turkish Folk Metal. What?)

Mor ve Otesi – Song: “Deli” (Turkey’s answer to the Foo Fighters, maybe?)

And another – Cambaz – I actually think I might like this one better:

Sebnem Ferah – Song: Benim Adim Orman (Dunno, but her career looks remarkably like Tarja Turunen but in reverse)

Not as fussed by the last one, but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve managed to find at a cursory glance. So plenty of food for thought.

Anyway, review coming later. Enjoy this music instead!

* No, I haven’t yet read this article – if it’s full of hateful lies, that’s not my fault. Blame the author.


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